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"Hungry dogs run faster."

An underdog is a hungry dog. That's why we partner with entrepreneurs from all corners of the world. We don't shy away from founders tackling odd problems or unsexy markets. Our only criteria for startups are that they have the vision, drive, and talent to move humanity forward.


Innovation can manifest in many forms; it can emerge from slow burns or rapid breakthroughs. After investing in over 300 startups collectively, we have seen too many venture capital investors getting stuck in stale and rigid thinking, defaulting to pattern-matching, and ultimately risk-protecting themselves away from some of the most innovative startups around.

We built Fourth Realm to support and capitalize on these opportunities from pre-Seed to pre-IPO.

"Innovation is progress in the face of tradition."

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Fourth Realm: Year-in-Review 2020
by Jack Coleman
February 3, 2021

We don’t need to rehash the hardships that 2020 brought on everybody. Instead, we want to highlight the positives that we witnessed — specifically, the resilience and the courage of those entrepreneurs we met who, despite going through one of the worst economic periods globally since the Great Depression, could not resist their entrepreneurial calling, choosing to leave the safety of their jobs and embark on their startup journeys...

A Conversation with Mike Sykes, Creator of “Kicks You Wear”
by Dennis Huang
January 5, 2021

As the media industry becomes increasingly fragmented, consumers have more choice than ever before in what they consume. I mean, it really does feel like everyone has an email newsletter these days, doesn’t it? We’ve watched the unbundling of content creators from larger publications and seen them spawn communities across all shapes and sizes and find creative ways to monetize online...

Wagering on the US Sports Betting Market? Take the Over
by Dennis Huang
November 4, 2020

As Americans, we have always had a complicated relationship with sports gambling. On one hand, it can be unsavory — think of the Black Sox, Pete Rose or Tim Donaghy. Hell, even my alma mater Boston College was involved in a point shaving scandal in the 70’s (briefly mentioned in Goodfellas). On the other hand, sports betting is deeply ingrained in our culture...